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Hello and welcome everyone to my new account! Alternate Account of Onyx-vX

I would first like to thank everyone who followed from my original account to here, and i must thank you for the support. People like you who would follow me from one account to another is one of the reasons why i love it here so much on dA, such an amazing community for me to enjoy and relax in :)

Secondly, I'd like to clear up differences from my previous account to this new one.

1. There will be no Anime/Manga related items on this account, this is generally a realistic fiction/science fiction story writing.
2. As stated, the majority of these uploads on this account will consist of personal Military Fiction/Realistic Fiction/Science fiction stories and/or shortstories that i will be continually be writing about. If you do not prefer those kind of genres, then you might want to stay away.
3. If there is any possible requests you want written, i may take that into account if i have nothing to do.
4. This is a very social account, i will be doing a lot more socializing on this account to escape the cramped confines of my previous one, again to start fresh.
5. All support is loved on this account, i love getting so much feedback from people, it helps keep my drive going :)
6. The way uploading is going to be on this account is that i will upload individual chapters of a 'book'. I will be working on one book at a time so i can develop a following for it. Then when that one is finished i would work on a different series of books. Then when the first one of that series is done, i will create the sequel for the first book and the process will repeat.

Now that that's cleared up, here are the projects i am working on and conceptualizing! (These will be by series)
Military/Realistic Fiction
ALLIANC3S (Series) Book 1: ALLIANC3S (currently in typed creation)
World Operations (Series) Book 1: 21 American Letters (currently in pencil creation)
Falling Stars Series

Science Fiction
Project Ascendancy (Series)
Blackgate Experiments (Series)
Remnants of Plague (Series)
Expedition (Series)

That's all for now, thank you once again for all of this, and hopefully you will keep in tune with this channel. Tell me which of the series sounds like the most interesting to you! Sincerely ~ James (Onyx/W-A-G)


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James Clark
United States
Hello, my name is James, i am a teenage writer and gamer seeking to write many stories of science fiction and realistic fiction. I am a rather relatable guy so if one likes to talk, i'm right there with ya.

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Welcome to :iconwriters4life: :hug: If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask myself, the co-founder, or refer to the group page.

-elohcin111 (Founder of Writers4Life)
Ps We are currently having a writing contest if you would like to check out our blog---submissions are due 12/30 at midnight. I know this is cutting the date short, but I still just wanted to let you know in case you might have something already that you loved and wanted to submit.
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Thanks for the watch.
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